Update from the Officers

Members: as the covid restrictions have carried on, like so many other businesses we are suffering. We are unable to conduct the volume of business we need to be profitable. We are doing our best to survive, but if there was ever a time we need our members to get involved and support the Post, it is now.

Obviously nobody likes operating the way we have to right now. That is not our decision, and we’re trying to make the best we can of the situation. We can’t have patrons sitting and drinking and gambling for any length of time like we used to, and that hurts us. Just being open costs us far more than being closed – we’re losing more money now than when we were closed!

And yes, we know everyone wants to wave their “Not my governor!” flags and ignore the law, but just a single fine would ruin us, never mind what would happen if we lost our liquor license (or Small Games of Chance license, or Bingo license, or – so on and so on). Not to mention putting our members – who are a large part of the vulnerable population – at risk.

If you have ideas for fundraising, please share! We’re working on some ideas now, but are open to others. When we have events, we need everyone to get involved, volunteer and help wherever needed. Donations are of course welcome, and please feel free to come in and spend to your hearts’ desire – so long as you follow the rules!

EDIT: I should also mention a BIG thanks to Lori Miller and our Auxiliary for the amazing job they did putting together the fantastic Craft Vendor fest this past weekend, which was a very successful fundraiser!

2 thoughts on “Update from the Officers

  1. I would like to suggest you open up your membership to Legion members. After all we all have fought for the USA. In many legion halls across the country the VFW & Legion operate seperetely, but jointly in the same facilities. So with that stated, what’s the difference if a VFW Post allows Legion members in? It can only help strengthen your organization that much more. Legion Post 468 Rochester, NY / prior VFW social member of your post.

  2. Hi David! Thanks so much for your comment – I wish we could open regular membership to our comrades in other veterans’ organizations! Unfortunately, regular membership is dictated by our (inter)national organization, and their requirements regulate who we can allow. But having said that – if you were in combat, you almost definitely qualify for membership in the VFW! Please stop by and talk with any of the officers, we’d love to have you onboard!

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