Thomas Worrell is the current Vice President of the Corporation Officers of the Millersville VFW Post 7294. But just like many of the officers and patrons, Tom has a history of serving and honoring his country.

            Tom served in the Kosovo Rotation KFOR 5-A Task Force Associator. He was an E-4, Specialist Infantryman and Humvee Driver. He served in the country for eight months. While there, whenever he and the other soldiers left the base for patrol, they always sang “On The Road Again,” by Willie Nelson. They never quite understood if they did it for luck or just for the fun of it.

            During his time of service, Tom traveled to Fort Benning Georgia, Fort Stuart Georgia, Fort Polk Louisiana, Camp Monteith Kosovo and Fort Indiantown Gap. While away, he kept in touch with his loved ones via letters, calling cards, e-mail and video chat. He had the support of his family but his mother was very worried about his safety.

            While away, he passed his time by surrounding himself with his brothers. The men would play cards and video games, read books, listen to music and play jokes on one another. Tom recalled that there was a jokester amongst their group, but it was not him!

            After his time in the military, Tom kept in touch with the men he served with. Occasionally, they will all meet up but Facebook is the main way he stays in touch with his brotherhood.

            As he reflects back, Tom notes that serving his country helped him become more confident in himself. It taught him how to deal with situations that are out of his control. It helped him learn how to not sweat the small stuff in life and to appreciate the things he has. Tom also picked up a few habits from the military. To this day, he despises having long hair and he still uses military time.

            Nowadays, Tom fills his time with other things. And one of those things happens to be serving in the position of Vice President of the Corporation Officers of the Post 7294. He joined the Post in 2021. He liked the fact that this location had a canteen and he also knew a fellow officer.

            Over the last year or so, Tom has really noticed the increase of social members and deems it as a wonderful thing. His only wish is to see younger vets join the club as well. But with his help, anything is possible! He thoroughly enjoys helping to improve and grow the Post.

            With the Post having so many events lately, Tom assures that his favorite is the car show and that he would love to see it grow. He wants more participation from the club and the community!

            He also notes the Post as being a very special spot for him and his daughter. During their daddy/daughter date night, he told her she could pick any spot to go to for dinner, and she picked the Millersville VFW. So not only did he find a brotherhood during his time of service, but he found another source of home and family at the Post.

            During his free time, Tom is a volunteer firefighter with the Quarryville Fire Company. His due diligence of helping others and serving his community is something that will always remain with him.

            Thomas Worrell gave back to our country in many ways, and is still doing so today. He takes his position at the Post very seriously and works hard to ensure it is a welcoming environment for all those who come.

                                                                                    BY: McKayla Herman