Monday Night Specials for 3/11/13

Cheesy Meatball Puff: A meatball and mozzarella cheese fried inside a biscuit. Well, it’s supposed to be fried. But it might be baked, too, because Shawn has had a bad experience trying to fry things lately. Served with marinara sauce. Or possibly spaghetti sauce. C’mon, like you know the difference?
3 for $400

Main Meal
Pizza Burger: A half-pound burger (weight before cooking, just like McD’s!) seasoned with onion, garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper and topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Cooked whatever way Shawn feels like it, because he still has no idea how to do temperatures of burgers. But he hasn’t burnt any so far (as you read this, please knock on wood)!
Served with a side of chips, because Shawn has no idea what a good side for a pizza burger would be. $500

Raspberry Whip: A raspberry whipped dessert made with an angel food cake-base and a lot of love. Well, okay, a little bit of love. But only because Shawn was tired after a long day and his feet hurt. And now that you’re thinking about his feet, doesn’t this just sound DELICIOUS? (It really is, don’t worry – and it’s very light and practically zero calories! I mean, compared to everything else you ate tonight, right?)
A gob (scoop?) for $200