BBC Seeking Wounded Warriors

Do you want to get involved in a fun and challenging project for British television? Can you give two British teenagers the chance to have some much-needed structure in their lives?

The British Broadcasting Corporation is looking for American parents with disabilities who have children aged 12-20 years to take part in the 4th season of its series on parenting.

We want to showcase a strong, loving family who are proud of their values, who believe in boundaries and bringing out the best in their kids.

In each one hour episode, two British teenagers will be sent to live with a family abroad to experience life in their culture and under their rule to see how their lives may be enriched and challenged.

We are excited to represent people with disabilities on a prime time UK T.V. show who are there because of their ability (being great parents) rather than their disability. We hope you do too and can’t wait hear from you.

If you interested or just want more info about the series. Email or call Alex on 011 44 207 424 7739 and we will call you straight back. We are trying to find families asap so we would really love hear from you as soon as possible.