We are re-opening (again!)! After a great deal of struggle, we are opening on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd at 4pm!

Our new hours will be Weds-Sat, 4pm to 8pm.

Because of orders from the state, we have modified/added new rules in order to operate:

* YOU MUST ORDER A MEAL. Even if you only come in to sign the book and have a beer, we are not allowed to serve you unless you have ordered a meal. We are offering a limited menu, but have tried our best to make affordable options available for everyone. BUT IT MUST BE A “MEAL,” NOT JUST AN ORDER OF FRIES OR BAG OF CHIPS. The state has made this very clear!
* You are allowed to stay at the Post and be served so long as you are eating your meal (again – this is guidelines from the state, not us!).
* You must have a mask when you enter the Post. The mask may be removed once seated. Masks must be worn going to and from restrooms, or while not seated. Masks will be provided upon request.
* IF YOU HAVE A CONDITION PREVENTING YOU FROM WEARING A MASK, STAY HOME! You will not be allowed in the Post without a mask!
* IF YOU ARE SICK, STAY HOME (really, do we need to say that?)!!!
* Guests from the same household may sit together.
* Jukebox can only be played remotely by phone app.
* There will be NO standing or sitting at the bar. Everyone must be seated at a table.
* Only working employees or officers can move furniture upon request.
* The daily book will be filled in by the server or officers only. You will give your name, card number and $1.
* You can ask to see the boards for the pull ticket games, but you cannot handle them.
* If you want to play ticket bowls, you can tell your server and they will get them for you.
* The TV remote will only be handled by employees or officers.
* The daily drawing for the book will be pulled and verified by an employee and an officer only.
* Because of distancing restrictions, we are opening up the Banquet Hall for seating as well if the Dining Room is full.

We know this isn’t a perfect setup. Trust us – this wasn’t our idea! But we are bound to follow state guidelines just like any other establishment licensed in Pennsylvania. We are doing our best to open safely for members and employees, and will need everyone’s cooperation to make it work. If you are unhappy with it, contact your state rep – do not take your frustration out on your servers!

We ask all members and their guests to follow these rules and guidelines set forth by the state of Pennsylvania, Post 7294 Commander, Officers and CDC. Anyone caught violating these guidelines purposely will be asked to leave the Post immediately. Please follow the instructions from employees, volunteer staff or any officer present in the Post.

This way we can all enjoy our Post together and safely.
Thank you in advance for your corporation.
Commander, Officers and Employees of Post 7294