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Attention All ParrotHeads!

This Friday (June 26th, 2009), join your fellow members as we transform Millersville to Margaritaville!

From 5:30-8:30pm, we’ll be hosting a Margarita party out in the pavilion free for all post members and their guests. We’ll have a DJ, pony bottle buckets, horsehoes, and a great deal of fun!

Come join us!

Priority Group 8 Enrollment Relaxation Changes

From the National HQ:

VA eligibility rules changed on June 15, 2009, making it easier for more Veterans to enroll in VA’s health care system. Under this new regulation, VA relaxed income restrictions on enrollment for health benefits. While this new provision does not remove consideration of income, it does increase income thresholds.

For more information, read the full article here and feel free to contact the post Service Officer, Shawn Williams with your questions.

Scam Artist Hitting Posts…

From the HQ Website, courtesy of VFWHQ Twittering:

A con artist has been preying on the generosity of sympathetic veterans and has managed to bilk numerous VFW Posts around the country out of as much as $400 each by posing as either a veteran who has “filled out an application” to join a specific Post or as a current VFW member.

The scammer has used a couple of different approaches when he calls a Post asking for a specific Post Officer by name for financial assistance, usually alleging to be experiencing some sort of car trouble and has even gone as far as to claim to be the parent of an Iraq veteran on his “way to the funeral for his son killed in Iraq.” He has also used a bogus story about how he recently visited a Post while introducing his son, “just back from Iraq” to various Post members. The swindler apparently goes on-line beforehand and obtains information about the Post in order to include details about the Post to help lend credibility to his story.

According to information received by VFW national headquarters, VFW Posts in AL, OK, WV, TX, KS and MO have responded by wiring money to the man who promises to repay the cash as soon as he returns home. So far, the sum being requested is in the $200- $500 range. Western Union doesn’t require identification for sums under $1000.

It’s shameful that someone would prey upon the good intentions and honorable obligations of our posts like this, but why should veterans be any different than any other organization when it comes to these ploys. We’re even more susceptible, because it’s often times harder to check out a story like this than it might be for other organizations.

If you get contacted from someone like this, explain to them that you need to verify their story. You don’t have to be rude about it – it could very well be a veteran or a family member that is in need! But when in doubt, check it out. You can always contact the post commander or other senior officer to ask about such a situation. If the person asking for help is sincere, they’ll certainly understand!


In a time when viral email rumors seem to have hit an all-time high (still waiting for Bill Gates to start writing checks for people forwarding emails), it’s amazing and a bit discouraging to see that some of the latest rubbish being spread is directed at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. And accusing them of gun control, no less.

The U.S. Veterans Administration has been instructed by the Department of Homeland Security to ask military vets 3 questions when they come in for any kind of medical check-up or problem. Answering “Yes” to any single question will result in the vet being disarmed by the government.

For the full details, check out the article over at VA Watchdog.

Out of all the stupid rumors I’ve heard, this one takes the cake. If this comes into your mail box, DON’T FORWARD IT. Delete it, and point the sender towards the above article so they can get their facts right.

For that matter, if you ever have a question about the validity of any email you receive, feel free to forward it to our webmaster, Shawn Williams ( He can tell whether something is a hoax or not!

Help Save the Mojave Memorial Cross

If you haven’t heard the news yet, there’s a memorial cross in the Mojave desert that someone has taken offense to. They’ve brought the ACLU in, and now the matter will be decided in front of the Supreme Court. It’s utterly ridiculous, and insulting to veterans that someone should take offense at such a simple monument to our fallen comrades. For more information, watch the video below, then be sure to check out