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Chicken BBQ Saturday, June 27th

We will be holding a Chicken BBQ on Saturday, June 27th at 11am. There will be no pre-sale tickets, and we will go until we sell out. We will be doing our best to maintain social distancing and safety requirements – please stay in your car and follow directions when you arrive for the safety of all.

Family Movie Night

Join your VFW family and friends as we gather (with social distancing!) for a fun family night on our lawn Saturday, June 27th at 8pm! We have spaced out viewing “spots” so everyone can maintain safe distance from one another. Each spot is 6′ by 6′ with 6′ between you and your neighbors (how many people can fit in your 6′ space is up to you/the size of your butt/your comfort level with spacing!). We will be screening The Princess Bride for our next movie! Admission is free, but we ask for a donation to support your Post. We will have a donation-only snackbar with typical movie fare (sodas, hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, etc). You can bring your own snacks, but please keep in mind we’re trying to raise money for the Post!

This event is for MEMBERS (Regular, Aux or Social) only, you will need to use a members’ name when making the reservation.


Until further notice, the Post will remain closed. We had a member in who *may* have been exposed to the Coronavirus, and the board of directors has met and decided that we are going to remain closed until we can have a professional cleaning staff come in and clean/disinfect the building and ensure our staff are safe. How long that is going to take is still uncertain, but we’re guessing it could be up to two weeks. Hopefully less, but we will try and brace for the worst.

This may seem like a drastic step, and we’re not trying to spread any hysteria, but we have a large number of members over 50 who would be considered the “vulnerable” population, and the risk is too great.

We will do our best to keep our staff paid during these tough times, because we value them and we are family. We want them to be able to take care of their loved ones without worrying about being able to afford the sky-rocketing price of toilet paper (and food, I suppose!). We ask that you take care of yourselves and check on our vulnerable friends, family and neighbors – see if there’s anyone you know that might need errands run or groceries. We will get through this together by being safe, calm and caring for one another.

We look forward to seeing everyone when we re-open! Stay safe!

–The Officers of Post 7294


Effective *IMMEDIATELY*, the Post will be closed at LEAST through the weekend until Monday, March 16th – and possibly longer.

We had a customer in on 3/12/2020 who was later discovered to have been exposed to the coronavirus. To be clear: they do not know if they HAVE the coronavirus; however, they were *exposed to someone that does.* It is entirely possible they do not; however, these days (and particularly with many of our members being in the at-risk population), we cannot take any chances. We are not trying to start any sort of panic nor partake in any doom-saying, but the risk is real and we have to be practical.

We take this risk seriously, and you should as well. The well-being of our members and staff are important to us.

We will post more information as it is available.