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Thanks to the efforts of our staff and Commander, the Post will be opening MONDAY, JULY 13th at 3PM!

Obviously like every other business in the country (world?), we have had to make adaptations. We have made modifications inside for our seating arrangements and will be serving a very limited bar menu to begin with while we iron out our operations. Our new hours will be 3pm – 9pm until further notice.

Please be aware of the following rules that are immediately in effect:

1. Upon entering the Post, you must have a mask on. The mask may be removed once seated. Mask must be worn going to and from restrooms, or while not seated. Masks will be provided upon request.

2. Six foot distancing must be adhered to.

3. Guests from the same household or who drove here together may sit together.

4. Jukebox can only be played remotely by phone app.

5. There will be NO standing at the bar. Everyone must be seated.

6. Only working employees or officers can move furniture upon request.

7. The daily book will be filled in by the bartender, server or officers only. You will give your name, card number and $1.

8. You can ask to see the boards for the pull ticket games, but you cannot handle them.

9. If you want to play ticket bowls, you can tell your server or bartender and they will get them for you.

10. The TV remote will only be handled by bartender or officers.

11. The daily drawing for the book will be pulled and verified by the bartender and an officer only.

We ask all members and their guests to follow these rules and guidelines set forth by the state of Pennsylvania, Post 7294, The Commander, Board of Directors and CDC. Anyone caught violating these guidelines purposely will be asked to leave the Post immediately. Please follow the instructions from the bartender, canteen manager, volunteer staff or any officer or member of the Board of Directors present in the Post.This way we can all enjoy our Post together and safely.

Thank You in advance for your corporation.

The Commander, Officers and Board of Directors, Post 7294

Re-opening Plans

Hello friends and members: I am writing this to update you on our progress towards re-opening. Our initial plan was to open out in the pavilion on Monday, July 6th, while we worked on making the bar/dining room modified for our new requirements. However, that may not be possible. In addition to the physical complications of setting up our business safely, we just don’t have the staff to fill the positions and provide service to customers and keep everything clean and safe.

We are now working on a modified plan to re-open inside (the bar & dining room). We are doubtful this will happen by the 6th, but we are trying our best. We will keep everyone updated as best we can and will post here and on Facebook. We will also try and use our newsletter (which you can sign up for here) to notify everyone when we have more solid plans.

This is being posted by Shawn, the Quartermaster. I say that for two reasons: 1) you can say who you heard it from, and 2) if I have something wrong, you know who to blame!

Thank you for your patience, and we hope to see you all soon!

Chicken BBQ Saturday, June 27th

We will be holding a Chicken BBQ on Saturday, June 27th at 11am. There will be no pre-sale tickets, and we will go until we sell out. We will be doing our best to maintain social distancing and safety requirements – please stay in your car and follow directions when you arrive for the safety of all.

Family Movie Night

Join your VFW family and friends as we gather (with social distancing!) for a fun family night on our lawn Saturday, June 27th at 8pm! We have spaced out viewing “spots” so everyone can maintain safe distance from one another. Each spot is 6′ by 6′ with 6′ between you and your neighbors (how many people can fit in your 6′ space is up to you/the size of your butt/your comfort level with spacing!). We will be screening The Princess Bride for our next movie! Admission is free, but we ask for a donation to support your Post. We will have a donation-only snackbar with typical movie fare (sodas, hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, etc). You can bring your own snacks, but please keep in mind we’re trying to raise money for the Post!

This event is for MEMBERS (Regular, Aux or Social) only, you will need to use a members’ name when making the reservation.